Lamons furnish several of standard and special design washers upon customer request since it is an important component in any flange connection since it improves the torque input in to the bolt by providing low friction. Also it protects the flange surface from damaging while torque the bolts. Washers are available in different metal material.

Washers can be provided in different styles such as flat washers, hardened steel washers or stainless steel per the ASTM F436, compliant washers, SAE flat washers, split lock washers, spherical washers, and conical spring washer (Belleville).

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Plain Washers

Lamons provides Type A and Type B plain washers or special size. Table 1 (see PDF) provides the plain washer Type A dimensions which includes both standards the SAE which is designated as ā€œNā€ and the Standard Plate ā€œWā€.

Lock Washers

There are several styles of lock washers such as Helical Spring which it can be supplies in different styles such as regular, heavy, extra duty, and high collar. Table 2 (see PDF) includes the dimensions of the Regular Helical Spring Lock washers.

Also Lamons can provide the Tooth Lock Washers which has several styles such as internal tooth, external tooth, countersunk, and other specialty designs.

Hardened Steel Washers

Lamons provide a lot of different metal material for Hardened washers per the ASTM F436 specification. There are several styles Lamons can supply such as circular, beveled, clipped, and other specialty shapes and designed.

Table 3 (see PDF) provides the dimensions of circular and clipped circular washer.