LamonsLGC US Asset Holdings, LLC

compression packingCompression Packing

Lamons can provide several compression packing materials and styles upon request to suit the operating conditions and provide suitable sealing properties.

expansion joints

Expansion Joints

  • Rubber
  • PTFE Lined Rubber
  • PTFE Molded
  • Flue Duct
  • Metal

flow switchFlow Switches

Flow switches are unique in the field of flow controls, actuated by flow, not pressure and are simple mechanical devices. They are specifically designed to accommodate customers’ applications with minimal pressure drop. The flow switches are completely field adjustable, available in any electrical rating desired, any type of connection, most metals, Teflon and plastics. Also they are available in explosion proof and non-explosion proof models.


Lamons is adding value to packaged ISOTEK products; sealing/isolation gaskets and flange isolation kits. Non-conductive lubrication can now be packaged and sent with each individual flange isolation kit. Assist the contractors in the field and make sure installations are done correctly using non-conductive lubrication. Take the risk out of having lubrication used that can conduct and cause isolation issues.

Lubrication Dose Unit Packaging
Each Flange Isolation Kit up through a nominal size of 24”. Non-Conductive lubrication to be supplied per Flange Isolation Kit in “Dose Unit” pouches. Lubrication shall have a friction factor of 0.19.

fingersaver wrenchFingersaver

The Fingersaver keeps your hands away from the impact of the hammer on flogging spanners and from pinch points when using impact wrenches and hydraulic torque equipment.


FlangeKing® is the only tool engineered specifically to make changing flange gaskets safer, quicker, and easier. FlangeKing® is crafted from heat treated 4140 alloy steel with a beveled edge and hook to remove gaskets and scrape clean the flange face. The custom-molded handle prevents slipping while protecting knuckles. The built-in, bright, hands-free LED light provides greater visibility. Handy bolt measuring templates etched on the blade create quick reference points for the user.