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Dear Valued Lamons Customer,

On March 8, 2018, the President issued Proclamations 9704 and 9705 on Adjusting Imports of Steel and Aluminum into the United States, under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, as amended (19 U.S.C. 1862), providing for additional import duties for steel mill and aluminum articles, effective March 23, 2018. Section 232 imposed by the federal government placed tariffs on the following items:

Aluminum (10% Tariff)

  • Primary unwrought aluminum, not alloyed
  • Primary unwrought aluminum, alloyed
  • Semi-finished aluminum bars, rods and profiles
  • Aluminum wire
  • Semi-finished aluminum plates, sheets, and strip
  • Foil of all types
  • Tubes and Pipe Extrusions
  • Tube or Pipe Fittings
  • Castings and Forgings

Steel (25% Tariff)

  • Carbon and alloy flat products—produced by rolling semi-finished steel through varying sets of rolls, including sheets, strips, and plates.
  • Carbon and alloy long products—that fall outside the flat products category, including bars, rails, rods, and beams.
  • Carbon and alloy pipe and tube products—either seamless or welded pipes and tubes, some of which may include stainless and alloys other than stainless.
  • Carbon and alloy semi-finished products—consisting of initial, intermediate solid forms of molten steel, to be re-heated and further forged, rolled, shaped, or otherwise worked into finished steel products, including blooms, billets, slabs, ingots, and steel for castings.
  • Stainless steel products—flat-rolled, pipe and tube, and semi-finished forms, containing at minimum 10.5 percent chromium and, by weight, 1.2 percent or less of carbon, offering better corrosion resistance than other steel.

Implementation of these tariffs per Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 has contributed to rising raw material prices both domestically and internationally. Due to this tariff implementation, there may be items you purchase from Lamons that could be affected by this tariff. Please contact your Lamons Sales Representative for the changes to your affected products. The pricing changes will be effective June 1, 2018.

Lamons is committed to continuing to meet our Customers' requirements while also delivering a top-quality product, therefore, we made this decision after thoroughly considering all options. Additionally, we will keep you informed of any other impacts that might result from additional tariffs being imposed by our government.

Thank you for being our Valued Customer!

Marc A. Roberts

Dear Lamons Customer,

The recent action by the federal government placed a 25 percent tariff on flat, long, semi-finished, pipe and tube, and stainless steel; and a 10 percent tariff on articles of aluminum, including: plate; sheet, strip and foil (flat-rolled products); wire; bars, rods and profiles; tubes and pipes; tube and pipe fittings; castings and forgings.

Section 232 went into effect on Friday March 23rd.

Speculation and eventual implementation of tariff has contributed to steel spot prices rising 40% over the past five months. Lamons expects to see more price increases from domestic sources as worldwide changes in steel pricing and capacity restrictions drive the market up.

Please know that we are very closely monitoring these developments. We are committed to continuing to meet our Customers' requirements while also delivering a top-quality product. However, as you know, a significant tax on any steel or aluminum input will cause a ripple effect throughout the supply chain.

We will notify you at earliest possible time if there are going to be any financial impacts to you. Please reach out to us directly if we can answer any questions.

Best Regards,

Marc Roberts

lhm01Traceability and Preventative Maintenance:

  • Hose identification for traceability and preventative maintenance management.
  • Lamons Hose Intelligent Tags (HIT) offer end-users an innovative way of tracking hose assemblies within their facilities by incorporating RFID chips or QR codes to durable tags. HIT tags can be loaded with any information necessary and easily read with any RFID reader up to 26 ft. away. HIT tags can also be read with any QR reader app for smartphones.
  • Standard hose assemblies are individually tagged per customer specificatiions with stainless steel tags.


Value added services:

  • Turn-Key Inspection and Testing Execution and Certification
  • Pressure/Leak testing and Certification
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Product Application and Installation Seminars
  • Full Engineering Support and Recommendations
  • Failure Analysis
  • On-Site Application Analysis and Field Engineering
  • Approval Drawings
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Programs

Update: Lamons has made significant investment to expand local hose manufacturing capability in several facilities across the US to better serve the region. Please consider Lamons Beaumont, TX, Lamons Rancho Dominguez, CA and Joliet, IL for all of your routine and emergency hose requirements. In addidtion to our existing manufacturing sites in Baton Rouge, LA and Midland, MI, these operations now stock a wide variety of hose materials and have crimping and welding capability. Lamons is currently in the process of expanding this capability to other sites around the globe to service national and global agreements.


Patent Pending

All piping gaskets are designed to operate at their optimum on flange faces that are clean, free from scratches and indentations, flat, not distorted and have a gramophone surface finish between 125µ.ins to 250µ.ins. (3.2µ.M to 6.3µ.M).

Flange faces which have been subjected to crevice type corrosion attack at, or around, the inner portion of the flange sealing faces can occur over a period of time. In many field applications, the flange surface condition cannot be assessed until the bolted connection has been decommissioned and an inspection has determined the suitability of the flanges to accept the same type of gasket that was initially installed.

Depending on the extent of the flange face damage, the corroded surface may have extended onto the surface where gasket sealing element is seated and simply installing another gasket offers no guarantee the connection will remain tight and leak-free once the flange is commissioned back into service.

drgApp01An assessment as to the suitabiliity of the flange surfaces has to be made in real-time with several options available:

  • Rebuild and machine the flange surface to a suitable condition.
  • Rebuild and repair the flange using an epoxy based composite material.
  • Replace the damaged flanges.
  • Use the same gasket and "hope for the best".

The Defender™ RG Sealing Gasket has been designed to offer a tight and high integrity sealing solution for use on flange faces that have been subjected to erosion, corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion without having to modify or re-work the flange faces.

drgApp02General Features

  • Can seal corroded flange faces without costly and time consuming flange rehabilitation.
  • Uses proven technology to solve specialized sealing problems.
  • No special tools or installation techniques required.
  • Twin-bolt location tabs allow for easy installation.
  • For flange isolation, contact factory.
  • S316 core is standard. Other steel core options are available upon request.


  • May be used for above ground or subsea applications.
  • High Pressure Flanges: 2500#, API 15K or PN420.


  • 1/2" through 24" diameter.
  • Available as “F” or “S” Type Gaskets.


nsfThe ISOGUARD™ sealing/isolating gasket system is designed for applications where electrical flange isolation and corrosion control are required on pipes containing potable water up to 302°F(150°C). Available for flat face, raised face and ring type joint flanges from 1/2” to 120” (and corresponding API and DN diameters), ANSI 150-1500#, API 2-5K and PN 20-250, the ISOGUARD™ gasket is an engineered value added solution for trouble free operation. The ISOGUARD™ sealing/isolating gasket system consists of a retainer with an incline-plane seal groove geometry and rectangular sealing element “Quad” ring. This design guarantees low bolt load requirements and high sealing reliability. In fact, it´s based on an industry proven design that has been used successfully for over 30 years for a wide variety of applications including sealing volitale fluids in high pressure pipelines.


  • ISOGUARD™ gaskets are engineered to provide high reliability sealing and electrical isolation for potable water applications.
  • High Pressure Flanges: Up To 1500#, API 5K and PN 250.
  • Applications where end users prefer an integral seal element.
  • For ANSI 2500#, API 10K and PN 420 applications, please consult factory.

General Features

  • Self Energizing Seal.
  • Incline-plane groove geometry.
  • Low bolt load required.