Product Spotlight

Flange Isolation Gaskets
Our sealing gasket product lines, Isoguard®, Defender®, Defender FS™ and KI (Kammpro Isolation), cover a wide range of industry applications, including water and wastewater applications.
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Flange Isolation Kits
Our flange isolation kits include sealing isolation gaskets from our Isoguard®, Defender®, Defender FS™, and IsoMate™ product lines, as well as sleeve and washer sets.
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Services Spotlight

Training Solutions
Level-up your team’s knowledge and optimize your plant’s performance by learning from our expert engineers in customized training opportunities. We offer remote or in-person sessions to our customers free of charge.
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Field Support
Our strategic footprint of 21 locations across the globe connects you with the on-site technical expertise you need to keep your operations running.
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NSF 61

IS 9001:2015

We’re where you Need us to be

We meet global demand in the water and wastewater industry with our global headquarters in Houston, Texas, and with over 21 worldwide manufacturing and distribution locations that ensure efficient and timely delivery.

All locations meet our stringent service, quality and safety requirements and also offer in-depth technical support.

Our Commitment to Safety and the Environment

Our dedication to safety goes far beyond the doors of our facilities. We also work together with our customers to protect our world. Through constant improvement of our products, processes, and services, we do our part to steward and protect the environment for future generations.

Ready to discuss safety sealing and attachment solutions for the water and wastewater industry?