Field Support

Bolt Up Protocol (BUP) Calculations

Whether it’s a standard flange connection or a custom bolted connection, our engineering team is ready to get to work on your bolt up protocols (BUP) for any flanged connection. We provide recommended bolt torque calculations and tightening sequences for your specific application in accordance with ASME PCC-1 guidelines and ASME Section VIII, Division 1. Our field support for BUP ensures proper clamping force by providing individual calculations for application, and we’re focused on providing you with expert help with a fast turnaround.

Maintain Safety

  • Proper bolt up protocol helps maintain the safety of your work environments during assembly and operation phases.

Avoid Damage

  • Proper installation results in a more reliable bolted joint flange connection, which helps avoid potential damages to gaskets, flanges and other equipment.

Minimize Turnaround Time

  • Lamons provides standard form QSF002 to gather key information more efficiently. Having bolt up protocol on-hand also helps to facilitate quicker turnaround and cost benefits.   

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