Semi-Metallic Gaskets

Specialty Kammpro Gaskets

Lamons specialty Kammpros are engineered to deliver a tight, reliable seal while solving a variety of unique application challenges, such as flanges that have fallen out of parallelism, leak detection devices incorporated into flanged assemblies, damaged RTJ grooves, and more.

Custom Kammpros

Depending on necessary size specifications, Lamons can also offer rectangular/squared shape (non-circular) Kammpros for our customers.

Dual Seal

These Kammpro or spiral wound gaskets are designed to mate with leak detection devices incorporated into flanked assemblies used in critical applications, such as lethal service. This highly effective gasket has a primary seal followed by a relief section with through holes towards the outer portion of the sealing area, where the leak detection equipment is mounted. Past this relief section is a secondary sealing area that will maintain the integrity of the bolted joint, should the primary seal be compromised and pressure differential is identified.

Kammpro Wedge

Kammpro wedge gaskets are designed to address flanged connections where one or both flanges have fallen out of parallelism. The unique angled profile of the Kammpro core allows for even compression without the load loss required to straighten flanges. By establishing how out of alignment your flanges are, we can determine if this is the right option for you.


LP3-RJ provides a solution for RTJ to RF flange connections, or instances where the RTJ groove is damaged. The gasket is designed to sit between the bore and the groove of the RTJ flange and mate against the raised face flange. This can be a cost-saving solution as there is no need for costly flange replacement.