Product Spotlight

Our high-performance and high-quality custom hoses and fittings are delivered on-time and on-quality for your critical applications.
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Gaskets and Seals
As a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of metallic gaskets, semi-metallic gaskets, sheet gaskets, and sealing gaskets, we pride ourselves on helping our customers by designing and providing the best gasket and fastener for any application.
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Flexible Metal Hoses
If you’re looking for high performance and high quality custom hoses and fittings, Lamons has you covered. Our products are fabricated and distributed out of five U.S. locations, ensuring timely delivery.
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Non-Metallic Gaskets
We offer a variety of non-metallic gasket materials, including elastomeric and fiber gaskets, compressed non-asbestos gaskets, PTFE gaskets, and more.
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Services Spotlight

Reverse Engineering
TruFAST™ (Field Acquired Seal Technology) is a custom engineering process that turns undocumented gaskets in the field into new, manufactured products with minimal time and effort.
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Custom Gasket Engineering
Our custom engineering tailors gaskets to fit the pressure, temperature, media, cycling, and clamp loading available in your specific scenario.
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Specialty Machined Parts
As a leading manufacturer of custom machined products with the quickest response time in the industry, we operate over 30 state-of-the-art CNC machines to deliver high-quality machined components.
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We use our years of prototyping experience to evaluate your application specifics, make recommendations, and support first article manufacturing of prototype parts.
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We’re where you Need us to be

We meet global demand in the marine transport industry through our global headquarters in Houston, Texas and over 20 worldwide manufacturing and distribution locations that allow us to deliver on your timeline.

All locations meet our stringent service, quality and safety requirements and also offer in-depth technical support.

We Deliver on Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

We take pride in helping our customers achieve success with EPC projects of all sizes. Our dedicated EPC team includes sales support, quality, engineering, sourcing production, process design, and shipping — all focused on delivering project success on even the most difficult deadlines.

Our Commitment to Safety and the Environment

Our dedication to safety goes far beyond the doors of our facilities. We also work together with our customers to protect our world. Through constant improvement of our products, processes, and services, we do our part to steward and protect the environment for future generations.

Ready to discuss safety sealing and attachment solutions for the marine transport industry?