Semi-Metallic Gaskets

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets can be fabricated in a variety of styles, sizes, and densities using any metal available in thin strip, meaning they can be used against virtually any corrosive medium dependent upon the choice of the metal and filler. Spiral wound gaskets can be used over the complete temperature range, from cryogenic to approximately 1500ºF (815ºC) and up to 2000ºF (1093ºC) under certain conditions. This type of gasket can be used in all pressures, from vacuum to the standard 2500 pressure class flange ratings.

Inhibitor Gasket

The Lamons inhibitor gasket provides corrosion resistance in the most extreme conditions, combining HTG filler configuration with highest purity graphite and a Kammpro inner ring laminated with soft PTFE material. The inner ring is inert in terms of corrosion through contact with dissimilar materials, and the fire safe design also combines graphite’s sealing ability with mica on the ID and OD to prevent entrance of further corrosive conditions.

WR-AB (Anti-Buckling)

Style WR-AB provides a solution for customers who want to address inward buckling of spiral wound gaskets without the cost or bore intrusion of inner rings. By creating a space for expansion between the OD of the winding and the outer ring, the buckling along the inside can be reduced. This feature, combined with a reinforced inside circumference, helps to further reduce the likelihood of inward buckling after installation.

WRI-LC (Low Compression)

Style WRI-LC gaskets provide a seal at relatively lower seating stress. This means that our design requires less bolt load to seat, yet still features the recovery of a standard spiral wound gasket. The WRI-LC gasket is typical to Class 150 and 300 flanges, where users have a concern with insufficient potential of pre-load, but the density of the WRI-LC gasket can be varied to meet virtually any low load requirement.

WRI-LE (Low Emissions)

Style WRI-LE is the optimum choice when a gasket with high density and low emissions is required. This spiral wound gasket’s improved design incorporates the typical essentials such as a carbon steel guide ring, along with a stainless steel inner ring. Flanges in the 150 to 2500 pressure class range will benefit from this leading edge design.

WRI-LP (HF Applications)

Style WRI-LP is a spiral wound gasket designed for chemical resistance, API 6FB fire safe design, and with ASME B16.5 sizing. This gasket features a conventional outer guide ring and a “Kammpro” style LP1 inner ring that can be ordered in carbon steel (with or without PTFE coating) or in any alloy, such as Monel®. The inner ring can be faced with graphite or PTFE as desired. This dual sealing design engages the raised face completely across the sealing area. The winding can be constructed with the required metal and soft filler specified by the customer. This gasket is available in large diameters and for special flanges.


Style WRI-RJ/WR-RJ is designed to sit between the bore and the groove of the RTJ flange and mate against the raised face flange, making it an effective solution for RTJ to RF flange connections. This product is well suited for hydro testing.