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Ongoing training and education are essential strategies that can help you minimize downtime, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure you’re getting the most out of each and every component. We offer our customers a wide range of webinars to share our best practices on installation and application across our product lines.

Through our webinars your team will have the opportunity to engage with our experienced engineers. Whether your class size consists of 1 or 1000 people, we’re ready to share our knowledge. Contact us to discuss how we can build a webinar tailored to fit your team’s needs.

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Proper Gasket Selection

  • Receive guidance on selecting the proper gasket driven by your application requirements.


  • Learn best practices for gasket installation and bolting up flanges in accordance with ASME PCC-1 through a live demonstration using a flange with load indicating fasteners and compression sensor.

Defender HF

  • Learn about the development and uses of our Hydrofluoric (HF) acid alkylation refinery gasket.

Versatility of Kammprofile Gaskets

  • Gain a better understanding of Kammprofile Gaskets with both standard and customized styles and features.

Heat Exchanger Gaskets

  • Explore the different types of gaskets used in heat exchanger applications and their various features.

RTJ to RF Connections

  • Recognize issues with mismatched and/or damaged RTJ flanges, and explore our solutions for your ring type joint connection issues.

Thinblind Gasket

  • Familiarize yourself with the Lamons Thinblind gasket, a low pressure blind with huge safety and cost benefits compared to traditional blinds.

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