Our Legacy

As one of the largest privately held gasket, fastener, and hose manufacturers and distributors in the world, Lamons is the partner you can trust to deliver quality products whenever you need them — at consistently fair pricing. Since 1947, we’ve been providing industry-leading safety sealing and attachment solutions that help keep communities safe and drive progress across the world.

Your Innovation Partner

We believe progress is built on partnership. That’s why we’re available 24/7 with the fastest response time in the industry. We seamlessly handle high-volume and quick-turn needs for both standard components and one-of-a-kind engineered solutions. Learn how we’re setting the standard for quality and ingenuity.


Whether you need a hard-to-find component to keep your operations running or ongoing training to fine-tune your team’s skill set, services like our proprietary reverse engineering and training gives your equipment and team a leading edge.


As a manufacturer of industrial fasteners, gaskets, and custom-made hoses, we build each of our product lines on the same foundation: steadfast commitment to industry-leading expertise and stringent testing for durability and longevity.


New industries require new solutions. Learn how our team of experts are partnering with our customers to pioneer innovative solutions for some of the greatest challenges our industries face.


We haven’t had a single leak in any flange connection where we’ve installed a Lamons CorruKamm gasket in the last two years!
Reliability Engineer
Georgia Pacific