Kammprofile Ring Type Joint (RTJ) Gaskets

Lamons Kammpro gaskets provide a solution for heat exchangers, large vessels, and equipment that experience excessive movement due to thermal expansion. The Kammpro provides one of the tightest seals combined with superior load bearing characteristics, making it an effective upgrade for applications where standard spiral wound gaskets, double jacketed designs, and corrugated metal gaskets are commonly used. Kammpro style gaskets are produced by applying precisely machined serrations over rigid metal substrates. Covering layers of flexible graphite or PTFE also add conformability and minimum seating capability.


Kamm-PEG represents a pressure energized gasket with Kammprofiled sealing surfaces that greatly enhance sealing ability. Top and bottom of angled sealing gasket surfaces are serrated and faced with oxidation inhibited flexible graphite. This brings the benefits of under-compression graphite flowing into minor imperfections, creating higher seal tightness.

Kammpro-Adapter (RTJ to RF)

Kammpro-Adapter gaskets allow for ring type joint flanges to be mated up to raised face flanges, utilizing the strengths of the full metallic with the added benefit of Kammprofiled sealing surfaces laminated with flexible graphite. Provided the pitch of the groove is sufficiently located under the raised face, this design is among the stoutest of adapter styles.


The Kammpro-ORJ is sized to the standard octagonal API 6A or ASME B16.20 dimensions, with the Kammpro design applied to the sealing areas and faced with oxidation inhibited flexible graphite. This design is ideal for applications where cracking or embrittlement has been experienced in ring joint grooves. It is available in a large variety of metal materials and can be fabricated according to custom engineered designs. Special or custom sizing options are also available.