Fastener Thread Lubricants

Lamons Premium Thread Lubricant and Anti-Seize combines years of professional joint assembly experience with expert lubrication engineering to formulate and produce field proven thread lubricants. These high-quality, industrial compounds are unsurpassed in make-up torque and disassembly or break-out torque. We provide a range of lubrication options proven to perform in extreme high temperatures, arctic conditions, or anywhere in between. Our lubricants will enhance easy removal of your industrial fasteners and support proper loading.

  • Any Joint Assembly 
  • High Temperature Fastening up to 2500°F
  • Low Temperature Fastening to -30°F
  •  Improve K Factor (lubricity)
  •  Less torque to achieve same bolt yield
  •  Galling resistance 
  •  More accurate bolt load
Specialty Fasteners
From a sample, drawing, or CAD file, Lamons can program and manufacture custom fasteners as well as specialty machined parts with the highest precision and repeatability.
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Field Support
Our strategic footprint of 21 locations across the globe connects you with the on-site technical expertise you need to keep your operations running.
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