Non-Metallic Gaskets

No matter the pressure class or temperature range of your application, Lamons has the right sealing solution for you. Our non-metallic gaskets are designed to meet the highest quality standards and perform in low pressure class applications. As part of our strategy to supply our customers with a wider range of sheet gasket products, we offer a variety of non-metallic gasket materials, including elastomeric and fiber gaskets, compressed non-asbestos gaskets, PTFE gaskets, and more.

  • Wide Service Temperature Range
  • Low to Moderate Pressures
  • Severe Chemical Services
  • Petroleum & Chemical Upstream, Midstream and Downstream
  • Piping & Vessels
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Wide variety of sizes, geometries and materials available
  • Color-coded for easy material identification
  • Compatible for a wide range of flange surface finishes
  • Reduces fugitive emission, creep and cold flow characteristics
  • Chemical resistance charts and data sheets available
Blinds and Seals
In addition to our wide range of sheet gaskets and other gasket options, we also connect our customers with the best blinds and seals for any application.
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Gasket Training
Our Gasket 101 sessions are designed to educate your team on the differences and advantages of the many different types of gaskets that we produce and service, including metallic, semi-metallic and sheet gaskets.
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