PCC-1 and Flange Assembly (FADU) Training

Lamons offers a bolt-up and gasket training utilizing a Flange Assembly Demonstration Unit (FADU) and based on ASME PCC-1 principles. This 30-45 minute training incorporates live feedback on the screen as the gasket is simultaneously bolted into place. Participants observe gasket deflection, bolt stress and interaction between bolts (crosstalk), and learn the value of following PCC-1 guidelines and get the opportunity to put their experience to the test.

Our standard FADU training is also customizable to meet the needs of the training audience, whether they are technicians, engineers, or even purchasing personnel. Where possible, we recommend in-person training for the best ‘hands-on’ experience, but we also offer virtual webinar training to connect with your team wherever they are.

Bolt-Up Training Best Practices

In a classroom environment, we teach our audience the best practices for bolting up flanges and installing gaskets properly according to ASME PCC-1. Our experienced instructors will use different gasket types to demonstrate:

  • Scattered bolt load & cross talk
  • Gasket relaxation using different gaskets
  • Proper lubrication
  • Use of washers
  • Using torque, combination, or box wrenches
  • Bolt/stud tensile/yield strength
  • Legacy/cross pattern bolt-up
  • Body positioning and proper arm movement

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