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Previously Answered Questions

In-Person or Virtual training

  • How often does Lamons conduct virtual training and webinars?

    Lamons currently offers one webinar per month. During June 2022, we will also be running a weekly series highlighting our engineering services in more detail. To view the schedule and registration form, visit our Webinars page. For more personalized learning, contact us about setting up a custom virtual training session.

  • Does Lamons offer any gasket-specific training sessions?

    Yes! We offer in-person or virtual gasket training sessions, including Gasket 101 and Introduction to Gasket Types.


  • What can I expect to learn from Lamons FADU training?

    Our ASME PCC-1 AND Flange Assembly Training covers gasket deflection, bolt stress, crosstalk, and best practices for bolting up flanges. This training session can be customized to focus on details that are most relevant to your operation.

  • What is the advantage of in-person FADU training with the Lamons engineering team?

    During an in-person FADU Training Session, participants are able to experience a live demonstration with real-time data as different gaskets are bolted into place. Plus, we invite volunteers to test out their bolt-up capabilities through hands-on participation!


  • What are the benefits of working with Lamons for gasket recommendations?

    When you work with us, you receive a tailored gasket recommendation from experts you can trust. We will help you choose an effective gasket that delivers cost savings and helps ensure an overall safer work environment.

  • What does the gasket recommendation process look like?

    Our engineering team will work with you to fill out our gasket design questionnaire, which will then be used to evaluate and assess your bolted-joint application parameters. The team will develop a custom gasket recommendation and walk you through next steps.

Specialty Machining/ Reverse Engineering

  • Can Lamons reverse engineer gaskets that I no longer have drawings for?

    Yes! Utilizing our TruFAST™ (Field Acquired Sealing Technology®) process, we can reproduce undocumented gaskets.

  • I’m not familiar with Lamons specialty machining capabilities. How can I trust you with special needs for my next project?

    When it comes to specialty machined parts, we can support both small and large quantity orders. Backed by our experience with a wide variety of metals, our specialty components are also rigorously tested for quality.

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