— Ivan Arana, Inside Sales Manager

Finding the right manufacturer to partner with goes beyond looking at just the products you need. Not having the right support can lead to costly delays in your project – delays that are often avoidable if you’re offered everything you need for a successful operation from the beginning. The difference between a good manufacturer and a superior manufacturer are the resources they provide and how they tailor resources to give their customers the best possible user experience. Because not all manufacturers are created equal, consumers should be aware of all the benefits a manufacturer should be offering beyond their products.


Online shopping has become such a huge part of our world across all industries. E-catalogs give consumers the ability to plan, shop, and replenish products accordingly and with the utmost ease. In manufacturing specifically, this is a vitally important resource to have access to. With turnarounds, outages, and everything in between, being able to shop online and keep what you need on-hand will aid in smooth project execution.

Lamons gives you the flexibility to view a customer-specific or site-specific e-catalog to provide the best buyer experience. We can modify to the buyers view so they can see and order what their customers need or want, while also diving into the buyers needs and wants, giving a full-circle user experience. Our e-catalog allows you to quickly find what you need, request quotes, and either order at the click of a button or save your cart for later to revisit at any time. To make things faster and more convenient, you even have the capability to view previous orders to plan for routine upkeep or repeat projects easily and effectively.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is key in any manufacturing or production company. Knowing what you have, what you’ll need, and making sure you have it when you need it can make or break a project. Not being properly prepared or having the insight to what has been purchased in the past can severely set back deadlines and be a costly hold-up.

To help customers feel as prepared as possible, Lamons offers a vendor-management inventory (VMI) system. Our VMI system allows you to easily manage and replenish your inventory levels, proactively reserve materials for specific work orders or jobs, order at the click of a button with ERP integration, and track orders from our warehouse to your desired site. Customized backend access ensures only you and your chosen crew have inventory visibility. 

We offer inventory warehouses and established conexes for project-specific events such as turnarounds, outages, and new builds at that facility to maintain minimum and maximum inventory levels. Our rigorous historical data service allows us to advise customers on what products need to be ordered during specific turnarounds and outages. With the changes of personnel through our customers, we are able to offer a huge cost savings by providing them with data of what they have purchased in the past to prevent any hiccups and help navigate during large, planned events. Lamons goes a step further by working hand-in-hand with contractors in the field to establish warehouse inventory outside of the VMI-level for project-specific events, ensuring your custom needs are met promptly and directly.

Webinars and Trainings

In an industry where products are constantly changing, and new products are being put on the market, webinars and trainings are an important value-add to any company. It is crucial for your employees to have the information they need to both stay safe and be successful. Webinars and trainings are an easy way to stay informed and get the most out of the products being purchased. 

To meet these needs, Lamons offers multiple webinars and training sessions with our engineering team to ensure proper use and function of our products. Training sessions include Flange Assembly Demonstration Unit (FADU) training, Gasket 101, Applications-Based Gasket Selection, Bolt-Up training, and others upon request. Training sessions and webinars can also be customized based on a plant or facility’s established procedures. Our engineers will share their expertise by illustrating best practices and answering any questions you may have about our products. 

For your convenience, our trainings are offered on-site in a classroom environment at one of our 20 global facilities, customer sites, or as a virtual webinar.

24/7 Customer Service

When looking for any company to partner with, customer service is a good indicator of what your experience will look like. Good customer service is hard to come by these days, especially when you’re forced to go through automated messaging and reaching out online with no real person to talk to when you need them. Being able to access your team at all times is something you don’t realize is so vitally important until you don’t have it.

Lamons gives 24/7 access to real people in real time. Our customer service team is always ready and willing to help with any questions, hiccups, or last-minute unforeseen circumstances that may arise. We offer callout services and have 20 branches in key areas to provide fast logistics services. We also work with distributors worldwide to be able to service our customers where a key Lamons branch is not located.

Our main warehouse in Houston, TX was strategically placed less than three miles away from Hobby Airport allowing us the ability to quickly deliver products within 24 hours. In addition, we have a global-sourcing footprint with a fully staffed supply chain department that can find the best quality products at the lowest prices worldwide, giving you numerous options to choose from to best meet your budget and timeline.

Because the world we live in is moving in a digital direction, companies are having to pivot to meet the needs of their customers. Though the technology available makes life easier, it’s also important to have the option of being able to reach a knowledgeable team when needed. By partnering with Lamons, you’ll get the best of both worlds. With 20 global manufacturing facilities, you’ll have access to services like our e-catalog, inventory management, webinars and trainings, and 24/7 customer service, giving you the option to work online while also having access to real-person help at any time. We have created all our offerings with our customers in mind and continue to enhance our processes, making Lamons an invaluable partner.

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October 26, 2023