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After years of investment, preparation and countless hours spent in Quality Assurance and Testing capabilities of our bolt & fastener manufacturing operation, Lamons is proud to announce that we are now API 20F BSL Level 2 and 3 Certified! API Specification 20F specifies requirements for the qualification, production, and documentation of corrosion-resistant bolting in the petroleum and natural gas industries. This is a huge accomplishment for Lamons and allows us to further broaden our reach and offerings into some of the most critical and challenging services on the planet. Lamons isn’t letting viruses hold us back. #immunetocomplacency


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As we are all aware, many regions, state and even some federal authorities have launched protection measures in response to the coronavirus or COVID-19. We, Lamons, have also pressed numerous protection protocols into action as well. However, the manufacturing of our products is considered critical and in several spaces the products are characterized as "Life Sustaining". As illustration of the importance of our products, several states have described our manufacturing space "Life Sustaining" in our refining and petrochemical industry.

Given the criticality of delivering on our commitments, it is equally critical that our suppliers remain operationally effective enough to support during this time. Therefore, we consider your company necessary to operate the essential business and confidently assure the end-user that we will deliver on all commitments.

We must be notified immediately if there are any expected delays in your business and the supply to Lamons.

We look forward to continuing an effective and worthwhile relationship, as well as, working with you through this challenging time.

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The evolution of calculating torque and flange kit installation

Lamons ISOTEK has launched the evolution of torque calculation and installation, all in the palm of your hand. The ISOTORQUE® App is an industry first, putting the customer first. Download today at the App Store or Google Play.

  • Calculate Torque, Change Friction Factor
  • Complete Installation Instructions
  • Suggested Isolation Test Procedure
  • Stocking Distributors
  • Troubling Shooting – Report Issue in Field
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Dear Valued Customers:

Lamons is fully aware of the concerns of the potential impact that the Coronavirus COVID-19 could have on the industry. Our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that employs our network of 20 branches affords us the flexibility to appropriately relocate production, if required, to continue to supply without disruption the components you need to maintain production readiness. We have also worked with our supply chain to ensure that our partners have appropriate mitigation plans.

I can assure you that Lamons recognizes the importance of supporting our Valued Customers during this challenging time and will take all necessary steps to maintain the contiunty of our business.


Marc A. Roberts