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Lamons WRI-LP

Lamons HF Acid Solution

Due to the unprotected flange facing left exposed by traditional seal concepts, flanges in carbon steel piping systems where hydrofluoric acid is processed are subject to severe crevice corrosion. These traditional concepts generally consist of standard metal or PTFE inner rings, but they are only marginally effective since a seal is not created at the bore. The Lamons WRI-LP utilizes a graphite or PTFE-faced Kammpro inner ring, that is monel or PTFE-coated carbon steel, to create a primary seal that extends to the bore of the pipe.

  • Faced with flexible graphite or PTFE covering layers
  • PTFE is rigidly attached
  • Machined serrations create “point-contact” loading
  • Basic spiral wound design is consistent with standard design practice
  • Custom dimensions match standard schedule bores
  • The WRI-LP is API 6FB fire tested
  • Entire flange facing is protected with a high surface stress
  • Rigid Kammpro inner ring prevents winding deformation and buckling
  • PTFE fillers and ePTFE facings can be used for extremely corrosive environments
  • Flexible graphite fillers and facings can be utilized in conjunction with extreme temperatures

Gasket Constants:

m = 3

y = 5000 psi

Temperature Range:

Cryogenic to 5000F (2600C)

For assistance with WRI-LP sizing and design, contact Lamons Engineering: [email protected]

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