Standard and Specialty Fasteners

For over 20 years, Lamons has been producing quality fasteners for critical applications such as standard joints, well heads, heat exchangers, and coker units. Whether you need two fasteners in 24 hours, a set production and delivery schedule for hundreds of thousands of pieces every month, or a single, custom-designed bolt, we have the capability to meet your needs.

Our Focused-Manufacturing Approach

We stock common-sized standard fasteners at the Lamons headquarters in Houston, Texas and at all our branch offices. Our branch inventories are diligently maintained by our Supply Chain Planning Group to ensure that inventories never drop below minimum thresholds. This allows us to address emergency orders locally and regionally and provide on-time deliveries to keep your operations running.

For specialty fasteners, our plant in Houston hosts more than 30 computer numerical control (CNC) machines, which are operated by highly skilled programmers and machinists who produce high-quality, specialty-machined components to precise specifications. Our CNC mills and lathes have the capability to produce the components you need regardless of quantities, large or small. We also have an extensive inventory of centrifugal castings, forgings, and plates, allowing us to respond quickly to most requests. For custom orders, our engineering team can assist you through our reverse engineering methodologies. From a CAD file, sample or drawing, Lamons can program and machine custom parts with precision and repeatability. Some specialty fasteners (available in metric and imperial sizes) and coatings include:

  • Forged-headed studs
  • Double-end/tap-end studs
  • Polished, machined parts
  • Galvanized parts
  • Powder-coated parts
  • PTFE-coated components
  • Zinc flake
  • Rolled thread
  • All-threaded rods up to 12 feet
  • And more

Roll Thread

1/4 – 2 1/2” diameter
Fully threaded
UN, UNC, British, buttress and metric threaded

Cut Thread

1/4 – 3” diameter
Fully threaded
UN, UNC, British, buttress and metric threaded

CNC Capability

Lathe and mill
Single-tool thread
Outside diameter (O.D.) groove
Internal thread
Reverse engineering solutions
Manufactured per print
Full material traceability

Common Coatings

Mechanical galvanized

Benefits of Coatings

Protection from rust and corrosion
Optimal lubrication
Abrasion resistance
Chemical resistance

Standard Fasteners

As a major bolt and fastener manufacturer, we can support any job with our large inventory of specialty bolts, fasteners, threaded bar stock, and related hardware available in a wide range of alloys and sizes. Our internal quality lab is qualified to ISO 17025, and our quality and testing procedures include Positive Material Identification (PMI), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), and Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI).


Nuts are applied with a bolt for the purpose of tightening two connections in a definite position. Lamons supplies a large variety of nuts such as heavy hex, finished hex, jam, coupling, slotted, square, cap, tee, wing, castle, spherical-faced nuts, and other specialty requested designs.

Studs and Bolts

Bolts are available in a wide variety of options, such as single-end, double-end, tap-end, combination, all thread, collars, and specials. Double-end studs are available in various types, including unfinished, finished (full or reduced body), and finished (full body). Lamons can also provide stud bolts for pressure-temperature piping that conform to the requirements of ASME B16.5 flange specifications or to special non-standard length.

Common Fastener Materials

  • Carbon steels & steel alloys (1018, 4140, 4340)
  • Stainless steel (304, 316, 2205, 17-4PH)
  • Nickel alloys (718, 625, C276)
  • Titanium (6-4)
  • Other specialty grades

Specialty Fasteners

From small, machined components to rings up to six feet (1,800 mm) in diameter, we have the capacity and turning capability to deliver almost any configuration of heavy, cross-sectioned components.

Headed Fasteners

Headed fasteners are designed as an externally threaded part for insertion through holes in an assembled connection to mate with a nut. We have the capability to provide a large variety of standard and non-standard headed parts such as square bolts, hex head bolts, heavy hex bolts, 12-point bolts, socket cap screws, set screws, riser bolts, bonnet bolts, and other specialty bolts.


Washers are available in several standard and special designs, which improve torque and protect flange surfaces from damage. Various metal materials are available for hardened-steel washers per the ASTM F436 specification. Our washer styles include circular, beveled, clipped, and other specialty designs. We provide washers per the ASME PCC-1 specification, which has modified dimensions to ensure proper fit up with pipe or vessel flanges.

Lamons® SPC4TM Load-Indicating Bolt

Lamons® SPC4TM load-indicating bolt technology allows users to monitor the clamp load of any bolted joint, whether static or dynamic, by utilizing a user-friendly mechanical indicator that specifies the fastener’s load, which relates to ultimate yield strength. Minimal modifications to the bolt assure basic bolt design integrity. This technology means the fastener can be loaded many times as long as the stress remains in the elastic range, meeting the criteria of ASTM F2482. An accurate assessment of loading can also be obtained after the joint has been put into service.

Lamons® HeaderKammTM

Lamons® HeaderKammTM sealing plugs are engineered for air cooled heat exchanger applications (ACHE) in the up and downstream markets. The plug reduces leak paths and eases bolt-up protocols up to 50 percent using an integral seal profile in combination with appropriate seal material facings.

Bent Bolts

Bent bolts are provided in a wide variety of styles and metals, including threaded-eye bolts, anchor bolts, U-bolts, round-end bolts, and J-bolts.

For assistance with fastener sizing and design, contact [email protected].

Bolt Thread Lubricant

Where torque is produced, friction is present. Correct control of friction is critical when applying proper bolt load. Consistent bolt loads are essential to correct gasket stress and to achieve proper joint assembly.

Lamons provides premium thread lubricants, like Moly B and Nickel 328 that help ensure easy assembly and aid disassembly. Over time, exposure to extreme temperatures and the elements can weather or deteriorate metal components. Our formulated blends will remain primarily intact and inhibit oxidation.

Overview of Our Capabilities

Minimum Diameter

Standard bolts: 1/8” (3.175 mm)
Specialty bolts: 1/8” (3.175 mm)

Maximum Diameter

Standard bolts: 6” (15 cm)
Specialty bolts: 22” (56 cm)

Maximum Length

Standard bolts: 12’ (366 cm)
Specialty bolts: 40” (102 cm)

Quantity of Machines

Standard bolts: 10
Specialty bolts: 24

Quantity of Machines

Standard bolts: 2
Specialty bolts: 2

For fasteners, we are certified for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17025 and API 20E and 20F.

Our Customer-Focused Solutions

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

Rely on Lamons for on-site inventories of your routine parts. Whether inventories are owned or are on consignment, you can manage inventory levels, replenish stock, and track for material receipt and issue. Simplify the purchase process further by integrating our VMI with your enterprise resource planning system.

Need more information? Contact [email protected].

About Lamons

Lamons is one of the leading gasket, seal, fastener, and hose assembly manufacturers in the world. For 75 years, our mission has been to provide industry-leading safety sealing and attachment solutions through our quality, engineered products, technical know-how, and exceptional customer support. We understand that product knowledge is power, so we offer comprehensive field services and training programs that allow you to maximize operational efficiencies and experience predictable and repeatable successes. Our 21 manufacturing branches across the globe stand ready to support your operations 24/7/365.

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