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To get adequate corrosion protection during transport, storage, and service life of your fasteners, your choice of bolt coating must meet the unique needs of your application. If you need increased resistance against salt spray conditions and other harsh environmental factors, a NanoGalv® surface coating technology may be the right option.

What is NanoGalv® Bolt Coating?

NanoGalv® surface coating is designed to provide high corrosion resistance, particularly in aggressive marine and coastal environments. It offers an alternative to PTFE and nano laminated zinc nickel coatings and is becoming the bolt coating of choice for major oil and gas OEMS and production companies, as well as chemical processing operators.

The unique plating process creates layers of protection against salt corrosion and temperature, improving the efficiency of future maintenance cycles by preventing bolts from fusing and needing to be cut loose. NanoGalv® bolts won’t seize or fuse, making them easy to break out. This superior protection can improve performance and significantly reduce the labor, cost, and time needed to complete a maintenance cycle.

How Do NanoGalv® Bolt Coatings Work?

NanoGalv® coatings consist of a sacrificial coating like zinc that is arranged in a particular structure to enhance adhesion and corrosion resistance. This combination makes it possible to apply a thinner coating that still protects against environments with high potential corrosion.

Like traditional zinc nickel, NanoGalv® coatings are applied to bolts via an electroplating process. However, unlike zinc nickel which uses a direct current to plate the bolt with a single continuous stream, NanoGalv® coatings alter the current to apply individual layers. This allows multiple nano layers of zinc nickel to create several individual barriers between the environment and the bolt material. This layered application enables NanoGalv® coatings to outperform traditional zinc, zinc nickel, and PTFE.

Offsetting the Cost of a NanoGalv® Coating

The right bolt coating material should provide you with the appropriate balance between cost savings and performance. While zinc, cadmium, or zinc nickel may be the right choice for bolts in an indoor, temperature-controlled environment, extremely high temperatures or heavy salt spray may necessitate the increased protection of a NanoGalv® coating.

Since NanoGalv®surface coating has a relatively higher cost compared to zinc nickel, PTFE, and other options, it is important to evaluate the true long-term benefits and take advantage of potential efficiencies that can offset the purchase price.

First, consider how superior corrosion protection can drive down future maintenance costs. While cutting seized or fused bolts loose is sometimes considered a routine part of maintenance cycles, a NanoGalv® coating can have a big impact by reducing the need for additional work permits, personnel, tooling, and delays. During maintenance cycles where every minute of delay comes with a cost, easy disassembly in the long term may be worth the initial investment of a more advanced coating.

Second, keep in mind that variation in plating or inadequate thickness can lead to performance issues and premature failures. NanoGalv® coatings offer the maximum protective benefits by ensuring an even application.

Third, consider working with a manufacturing partner who can provide a one-stop shop for high-quality fasteners and innovative coating technology, as well as other components like gaskets and hoses. This simplifies paperwork and purchasing, creates timing efficiencies and can help you secure a lower cost for premium coatings.

Your Partner for High Quality Fasteners and Coatings

Lamons is committed to offering our customers cutting-edge technology that improves operational performance and saves on maintenance costs. By partnering with Modumental, a state-of-the-art research and development company focused on nanolaminated metals, Lamons is making it easy for our customers to strategically upgrade to Modumental’s innovative NanoGalv® zinc-nickel plating.

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If you want to discuss the potential value of upgrading bolt coatings or you’re looking for an expert partner to advise you throughout the transition, we’re here to help.

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August 7, 2023