Blinds and Seals

Pressio Modular Seals

Lamons Pressio modular seals are an excellent choice to seal annular spaces between wall, floor, and ceiling around a pipe or cable. They are engineered for use as a permanent seal, with sealing elements designed to resist aging and attack from ozone, sunlight, water, and a wide range of chemicals. A hydrostatic seal is easily engaged by compressing the links between both polyamide pressure plates. This action provides a gas and watertight closure of the annular space between medium pipe, casing pipe, and core hole. The Lamons Pressio modular seal is rated at 20 psig (40 feet of head), which exceeds the performance requirements of most applications.

  • Seal Element: EPDM molded rubber (50 ± 5 Shore A)
  • Pressure Plates: (Black) polyamide 6-30
  • Hardware: Carbon Steel or 316SS
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: 20 psig
  • Size Range: 22 model sizes
  • Temperature Range (°F): -40°F – 176°F
  • Temperature Range (°C): -40°C – 80°C
  • U.V. Resistant