Isotek logo New Logo June 2018Lamons provides the full array of Isolation gaskets including: 1/8” retainers with pressure energized seals (IsoGuard), steel core with spring energized seals (Defender) and API 6FB firesafe isolation (Defender-FS). Lamons IsoTek product line can offer isolation solutions for ANSI class 150 -2500, API 2K-10K, AWWA, and NSF-61 potable water.

Lamons ISOTEK™ Flange Isolation Kits

Products are manufactured in the U.S.A to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Spira Power stocks for immediate delivery for standard isolation applications. Engineered and sales support is offered for project driven jobs and inquires. For more information on the product offering, review the information provided and request a Lamons ISOTEK manual.

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ISOGUARD™ Sealing/Isolation Gaskets

ISOGUARD™ isolation kits feature GRE gaskets with quality pressure energised seals. The inclined plane grroce and one piece seal element create a dynamic and reliable seal with guaranteed corrosion protection. A range of materials offer a service range from -150°c to plus 200°c.

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DEFENDER™ Sealing/Isolation Gaskets

DEFENDER™ isolation kits contain a steel core with GRE bonded to both sides for ultimate strength and integrity. Spring loaded PFTE seals are locked into machined grooves ensuring that the seals are anchoired into the steel core. DEFENDER is proven in the most hostile service environments inclusing H2s “sour” service. DEFENDER can be specified for pressure ratings up to API 6A 15000.

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DEFENDER FS™ Sealing/Isolation Gaskets (Fire Safe)

DEFENDER™ fire safe isolation kits are the ultimate in corrosion protection, seal security and fire protection all in one. The Kammprofile core and Matrix PTFE primary seal ensures seal integrity at the highest pressures while the special PTFE coating and GRE complete the flange isolation. In the event of a fire special washers and a secondary seal prevent the flange from failing. Tested and accredited to API 6FB “fire safe”

sleeve and washerSleeve and Washer Sets

Lamons sleeve and washers sets, when combined with our sealing/isolation gaskets, complete a Flange Isolation Kit. For a successful flange isolation kit, it’s critical to use the appropriate material for your application. Compressive strength, flexural strength, and cut through resistance are key material physical properties that should not be over looked.

Sleeve Material Offered: G10, Nomex, Mylar
Washer Material Offered: G10, G11, Phenolic, G3, Steel ZP, Steel HC, Mica

Single Washer Set (per bolt/stud)

  • (1) ea. 1/8” {0.125”} (3.18mm) thick Steel ZP Washers
  • (1) ea. 1/8” {0.125”} (3.18mm) thick Isolating Washer
  • (1) ea. Isolating Sleeve

Double Washer Set (per bolt/stud)

  • (2) ea. 1/8” {0.125”} (3.18mm) thick Steel ZP Washers
  • (2) ea. 1/8” {0.125”} (3.18mm) thick Isolating Washers
  • (1) ea. Isolating Sleeve