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The evolution of calculating torque and flange kit installation

Lamons ISOTEK has launched the evolution of torque calculation and installation, all in the palm of your hand. The ISOTORQUE® App is an industry first, putting the customer first. Download today at the App Store or Google Play.

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Control Water JetThe ISOTEK sealing and isolation product line is manufactured out of the Lamons Denver facility. This is a dedicated 17,000 sq. ft. facility, completely designed for the ISOTEK products.  All products are manufactured in the U.S.A to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Real time production boards are utilized throughout the entire manufacturing process. A paperless production floor allows for streamlined production and assures quality and accurate dimensions which are critical for sealing performance.

Isotek logo New Logo June 2018For a Lamons Sealing-Isolation Specialist, use the following email address for your inquiry. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Our engineered flag ship products are the ISOGUARD, DEFENDER, DEFENDER FS and KI (Kammpro Isolation).  These gaskets service the Energy and Water markets and cover a wide range of applications (Standard, Critical, Fire-Safe, Hi-Temp and NSF-61). For economical solutions, flat gasket technology is available.

isoGuardscreenISOGUARD Screened sealing/isolation gasket for gas meter applications.

ISOGUARD™ Sealing/Isolation Gaskets

NSF logoThe ISOGUARD™ sealing/isolating gasket system is designed for general applications where electrical flange isolation and corrosion control are required on pipes containing water/wastewater, gas, natural gas, oil and other hydrocarbon based medias up to 302ºF (150ºC). Available for flat face, raised face and ring type joint flanges. The ISOGUARD sealing/isolating gasket system consists of a retainer with an incline-plane seal groove designed to optimize each seal’s elastic memory, in conjunction with a proven rectangular sealing element (“Quad” ring). This design guarantees low bolt load requirements and high sealing reliability.


ISOGUARD General Offering
Gasket Type Retainers Seal Elements Pressure Class
E and F G10, G11, G7, Phenolic PTFE, Nitrile, Viton, EPDM ANSI(150#-1500#, API (2-5K), PN (20-250)

isoGuardscreenThe DEFENDER Tandem Sealing/Isolation Gaskets utilizes a Tandem Seal Configuration (two seals per gasket face) for subsea and API 10K applications. The backup Viton O-ring Seals are bidirectional and can thus stop external pressure from the sea water while the Spring-Energized PTFE main seal stops the internal pipe pressure.

DEFENDER™ Sealing/Isolation Gaskets

The DEFENDER™ sealing/isolating gasket system is designed for critical/extreme applications. Manufactured with a 316 stainless steel core retainer and laminated on both sides with high strength laminates, the DEFENDER gasket is resistant to deforming under load and is used when electrical isolation and corrosion control are required on pipes containing gas, natural gas, oil and other hydrocarbon based medias up to 392ºF (200ºC). Available for flat face, raised face and ring type joint flanges from 1/2” to 60” (including corresponding API and DN diameters), ANSI 150-2500#, API 2-10K and PN20-PN420, the DEFENDER gasket is an engineered solution for trouble-free operation that eliminates costly leaks and provides a solution for fugitive emissions. 


DEFENDER General Offering
Gasket Type Retainers Seal Elements Pressure Class
E and F G10-G11, S316 Core
G10-G11, Duplex Cores
G10-G11, Inconel Cores
PTFE Spring-Energized, Viton, Nitrile ANSI(150#-2500#), API (2-10K), PN (20-420)

defenderFScloseUpDEFENDER FS Kammpro seal design is machined and then PTFE coated for enhanced isolation performance. Seals are then installed (faced) on Kammpro for sealing media and providing a fire barrier.

DEFENDER FS™ Sealing/Isolation Gaskets (Fire Safe)

The DEFENDER FS™ sealing/isolating gasket is designed to withstand the rigorous API standard 6FB (Third Edition) test and therefore provides a solution for those who want to electrically isolate their flange while also requiring protection against the introduction of fire in and around the flange. The objective of the test is to monitor the total leakage for the duration of the burn/cool-down cycle and during re-pressurization. Leakage was determined by the total water level drop through a visual sight gauge during the burn/cool-down cycles, by manually catching the water in a calibrated container during re-pressurization.  The results concluded that the Defender FS Gasket was able to maintain its fire safe characteristics throughout the entirety of the test. During the 30 minute burn and 30 minute cool down period, the measured leakage was 0 ml/min versus the allowable rate of 22.765 ml/min. The leakage rate during the re-pressurization cycle was 5 ml/min versus the allowable rate of 22.765 ml/min. Based on years of technological experience, the DEFENDER FS sealing/isolating gasket not only meets but exceeds the pressure-containing capabilities in standard 6FB (Third Edition) as outlined by API.


DEFENDER FS General Offering
Gasket Type Retainers Seal Elements Pressure Class
E and F G10-G11, S316 Core
G10-G11, Duplex Cores
G10-G11, Inconel Cores
KMT (Kammpro/Mica/PFTE) ANSI(150#-2500#), API (2-10K), PN (20-420)

defenderFScloseUpCPG Typical Properties: F36 Compression 30% F36 Recovery 50% - Density 1.5 g/cc

Matrix CPG®

NSF logoMatrix CPG® is a superior performance biaxially orientated PTFE gasket material with a unique Corrugation Profile. The material has been specially formulated to accept this corrugated effect. Engineered to achieve low leakage at minimal load. The high and low density points across the sealing area allow varying loads to be applied radially but achieve a consistently low leak rate. Ideal for glass lined, plastic and FRP flanges where high gasket stress are not possible.


Gasket Type Retainer-Seal Pressure Class
E and F PTFE ANSI(150#-300#)


KI Hi-Temp Sealing/Isolation Gaskets

The KI Hi-Temp sealing and isolation gasket is for applications exceeding +700°F (+371°C). Containing a .0125” 316 stainless steel core retainer. The sealing element (THERMa-PUR® 4122) is dielectric, pressure resistant, chemically tolerant and contains a precision Kammprofile®-contour sealing design. Sealing element placement accommodates either flat, raised or RTJ flanges.


Gasket Type Retainers Seal Element Pressure Class
F S316 Core, Duplex Cores, Inconel Cores THERMa-PUR® 4122 ANSI(150#-2500#), API (2-10K), PN (20-420)

defenderFScloseUpThe DEFENDER RG (Rescue Gasket) uses proven technology to solve specialized sealing problems.

DEFENDER RG Sealing/Isolation Gaskets

The DEFENDER RG sealing gasket has been engineered to offer a tight and high integrity sealing solution for use on flange faces that have been subjected to corrosion, erosion, chemical attack and abrasion without having to modify or re-work the flange faces. Please consult factory with the application needs prior to ordering.


Gasket Type Retainers Seal Element Pressure Class
F, S S316 Core, Duplex Cores, Inconel Cores L120 PTFE
ANSI(150#-2500#), API (2-10K), PN (20-420)

gaskets waterSheet Sealing/Isolation Gaskets—Water

Lamons ISOTEK offers sheet gasket technology for the water, potable water and wastewater markets.

L420 and L441 materials are economical solutions manufactured with a formulation of high quality fillers, premium aramid / inorganic fibers and a nitrile rubber binder. For potable water—NSF 61 applications the Matrix L100 is offered. Manufactured with high performance biaxally orientated PTFE gasket with the addition of a high quality silica filler system. All material can be spliced, as a 1PC gasket, for large diameter AWWA Flanged applications.


Gasket Type Retainer-Seal Pressure Class
E and F L420, L441 or Matrix L100 ANSI(150#-300#)

Sleeve and Washer Sets

alignFlangesLamons sleeve and washers sets, when combined with our sealing/isolation gaskets, complete a Flange Isolation Kit. For a successful flange isolation kit, it’s critical to use the appropriate material for your application. Compressive strength, flexural strength, and cut through resistance are key material physical properties that should not be over looked.

General Offering

Sleeve Material: G10, G11, Nomex, Mylar, Mica
Retainer Washer Material: G10, G11, Phenolic, Mica, HC
Steel Back-Up Washer Material: Steel ZP, 304SS, 316SS, HC

Single Washer Set (per bolt/stud)

  • (1) ea. 1/8” {0.125”} (3.18mm) thick Steel ZP Washers
  • (1) ea. 1/8” {0.125”} (3.18mm) thick Isolating Washer
  • (1) ea. Isolating Sleeve

Double Washer Set (per bolt/stud)

  • (2) ea. 1/8” {0.125”} (3.18mm) thick Steel ZP Washers
  • (2) ea. 1/8” {0.125”} (3.18mm) thick Isolating Washers
  • (1) ea. Isolating Sleeve

The most commonly used and specified Sleeve and Washer Set Combinations.


ED = Economy (Mylar Sleeves, Steel ZP Washers and Phenolic Washers) - Double Washer Set.


VD = Mylar Sleeves (Steel ZP Washers and G10 Washers) - Double Washer Set


SD = Standard (G10 Sleeves, Steel ZP Washers and G10 Washers) - Double Washer Set.


MD = G10 Sleeves, Mica Washers and Steel ZP Washers - Double Washer Set


Cut-Through Resistance
Cut Through Resistance and Flexural Strength is critical in selecting sleeve material for your flange isolation kit application. As nominal pipe size increases, as well as ANSI or API class, the fasteners (bolts/studs) increase in size and torque is generally higher. Larger and heavier stud bolts with higher torque loads can more easily cut through material during installation. This is more likely to occur if flanges and bolt holes are not in perfect alignment. Use or specify G10 sleeve material as a standard for all applications. Or consider G10 sleeves for applications of Nominal Pipe Size 12” and larger and ANSI pressure class 600# and higher.

ISOTEK Value Added Offering

Its more than just a flange isolation kit. Lamons is adding value to packaged ISOTEK products; sealing/isolation gaskets and flange isolation kits.

Non-conductive lubrication is packaged and sent with individual flange isolation kits. Assisting the contractors in the field to make sure installations are done correctly using non-conductive lubrication. Take the risk out of having lubrication used that can conduct and cause isolation issues.

washerBagWasher Bags—Visual Indicator
Washers are bagged indicating washer size and quantity.
Printed on the bag is a washer image to validate correct washer OD and ID.

lamonsBoltTightningSeqTorque Values for ISOTEK Products
Lamons ISOTEK has revised all torque values effective January 2019. These updated Min - Suggested and Max torque values are based off a friction factor of k: 0.19 and can be found on our box labels, ​sleeve/washer bagged labels and engineered dimensional drawings.

For applications using a different friction factor, contact Lamons Denver. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: All previous published values in printed literature and installation instructions should not be used. Use the current values from our printed labels.

lamonsBoltTightningSeqFlange Assembly Training - FADU

Lamons ISOTEK offers best practices bolt-up training for flange isolation assembly, at no charge for ISOTEK users.

In a classroom environment we train our audience in bolting up flanges using the proper sealing/isolation gasket, sleeves and washers. The following will be covered:

Scatted bolt load & cross talk - Gasket relaxation using different gaskets - Proper Lubrication - Use of Washers Using torque - Bolt/Stud Tensile/Yield strength - Legacy/Cross pattern bolt up - Body positing and proper arm movement

E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule training or a lunch-n-learn on Flange Isolation "101" material product selection.

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